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BARBRI Cardiff 

Many leading educational institutions are designing and releasing SQE prep courses to help you pass the SQE. BARBRI, a leading educational provider has been one of the first to release their SQE prep courses . The Cardiff University campus and brand ambassador for BARBRI has told us why the BARBRI SQE prep courses stand out . When you enrol on the SQE 1 or SQE 2 prep courses, there are flexible course options which include full and part-time course options. You can access all materials online, anytime through your Personal Study Plan and individual 1:1 mentor support as well as supplemental touchpoint workshops and lectures from top law tutors. With all the SQE prep courses at BARBRI has to offer, there is no reason for you not to excel when sitting the SQE exams. BARBRI will provide you with everything you need to sit the exams with confidence.

To keep up to date with everything BARBRI has to offer you can follow Rebecca on her BARBRICardiff Instagram account, click on the icon below:

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