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Ladies of Law

Ladies of Law was founded in November 2021 by Ella Watts, with the aim of creating an empowering legal platform on social media for women in law. After months of research, it was apparent how equality between the genders are still lacking in the legal field and how women have had to fight harder over the decades for the same opportunities and respect in the world of law. One of the most staggering statistics from The Law Society which was one of the driving forces for setting up the platform was that since 1991, over 60% of entrants into the legal field have been women but 2021 stats show only 33% are partners in large UK firms. 







Ladies of Law aims to empower, support, guide and most importantly CELEBRATE all women in law, no matter at what stage they are at. If thinking about studying law or well into their career, Ladies of Law advocates for empowerment and awareness of the impact that women can bring to the legal field, as well as supporting women to have the confidence to succeed in law, in addition to highlighting the different routes that can be taken into law. The legal platform is also a networking platform, connecting women from all stages of careers and walks of life to interact and support each other through social media, upcoming networking events and in person Ladies of Law Lunches which will be nationwide.

Since its launch in 2021, Ladies of Law now have amassed over 1.9k followers, with 30 voluntary brand Ambassadors and a small team, working alongside our own careers to progress the platform. They​ have an active presence on Instagram, LinkedIn, on our website and Facebook group. There are lots of exciting things to come in 2022 for Ladies of Law so you can follow their journey on Instagram at @_ladiesoflaw or their website:

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