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Here are a list of our senior members and team leaders..  Contact any of them at any time for any and all queries.

Luana Gomes

Community Law Project - Team Leader-

Hi, I am Luana, and I am currently in my third year of studying LLB at the University of West London. In September 2021 I will begin my Bar Practice Course. I am studying law because I find it extremely fascinating and interesting how it all pieces together like a puzzle. I aspire to be barrister and I am particularly interested in Criminal, Family and Immigration Law.

Daniel Onafuwa

Community Law Project - Member Support/Paralegal-

Hi, I am Daniel. I'm a recent law graduate from Cardiff University. I currently work at a commercial law firm and support the team on my free time. I am passionate about the development of others and I see the changes to the legal sector being a positive to allow more people to feasibly achieve their dreams. I am passionate about how the law is inextricably linked to society and has brought many people together through the profession.

Antonia Wilkinson

Community Law Project - Team Leader-

I am a recent LLB Law and Criminology graduate currently living in Tetbury working as a supervisor. I have a passion for law and got into the legal world to be able to help people who are marginalised by society. Everyone deserves legal advice and I want to be able to make it accessible to everyone not just those who have money. I am intending on working towards a Psychology PhD but do not want to lose touch with the legal world and this can help me do that.  

Megan Perkins

Community Law Project - Company Admin-

Hi, my name is Megan. I am a first class LLB Law graduate from Cardiff University, with paralegal experience at a top 100 law firm. My motivation to choose law came from seeing law in action at a local Crown Court. Through this insight, I became interested in the intellectual challenge and rewarding experience of helping clients to resolve their legal problems. My interests and experience includes: Personal Injury, Medical Negligence, and Wills and Probate. 

Sammy Yim

Community Law Project - Team Leader

Hi, my name is Hansam "Sam" Yim. I am a first-year LLB student at the University of London. I chose to study law because I want to serve and help others. I am interested in education, human rights, and public law. I am hoping to become a barrister.

Daniel Agyemang

Community Law Project - Team Leader

My name is Daniel Agyemang. I was born in Ghana and raised in the UK. The values I grew up with was that of respect, hard work and determination to overcome any obstacle in front of you. Those values led me to aspire to study law. I was asked right from year 10 what I wanted to be and since studying law I have not looked back. The areas of law that interest me are employment law, corporate law and European law. ​ 

Zuzana Kučerková

Community Law Project - Team Leader

My name is Zuzana Kučerková and I have graduated from Nottingham Trent University with an LLB in International Law. During my degree, I explored various areas of English and international law including intellectual property, international competition and international trade law. My degree allowed me to develop my problem-solving, communication, analytical and teamwork skills. My plan is to qualify as a commercial solicitor at an international law firm. In my free time I enjoy volunteering and advising on contract, consumer, employment and immigration law matters.

Jodie Holmes

Community Law Project - Team Leader

Hello, my name is Jodie and I am a legal secretary from Nottinghamshire. I currently work full time within the civil litigation department of a law firm whilst studying a diploma in paralegal practice. I have a particular interest in employment, dispute resolution and personal injury however I have also had some experience with company and family matters too. I hope that through this project I can play my part in making legal advice more accessible to wider communities.

Aamer Qureshi

Community Law Project - Paralegal/Legal Consultant

I successfully completed my Master's degree from the University of Birmingham and the Graduate Diploma in Law from the University of Law.

I have 10 years of legal experience in various areas of law. I chose Law as he has a passion to help people in need. My inspiration in Law has always come from my family members who are also in the legal profession. 

Mohammed Esa

Community Law Project - Solicitor

 "Mohammed Esa is part of the Senior Members Team at the NCLP. Mohammed joined the NCLP in 2021. Qualifying in 2014, Mohammed practices day-to-day as a Solicitor. He primarily focuses his practice in civil litigation and personal injury cases. Mohammed's reason for joining the NCLP was to offer members of the general public guidance in dealing with their legal issues, as well as members of the wider NCLP network assistance with their own practice as future aspiring Solicitors."

Zak Brent

Community Law Project - Paralegal

Hi, I am a first class LLB graduate due to start my LPC and LLM in January. I was often told from a young age that I would make a good lawyer (I think as a child I had a predisposition towards arguing!) and I found later in life that I do in fact have a talent for law. I am excited to put my skills and knowledge to use in a beneficent way. 

Rudolf Lapins

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My Name is Rudolf Lapins and I am currently completing my Commercial and Corporate Laws LLM in Queen Mary, University of London. My areas of interests are, UK Tax Law, Company Law, and Commercial Law. I am an aspiring Commercial Solicitor; however, I am also passionate about helping others. Voluntary work has always been a big part of my life. I currently stand as a trustee of a charity called 'Look Around'. We work with those suffering from substance misuse, giving them a second chance in life. I have also contributed to the distressing issue of legal aid, fundraising for the London Legal Walk, thus, such work sits very close to my ethics and beliefs.

Everlyn Derderian

Community Law Project - Paralegal

 I completed my undergraduate degree at San Francisco State University and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Sociology. I'm also a recent Administration of Justice graduate and a current LLM student at the University of Law. I've had an enthusiasm for Law and criminal justice since secondary school. After ten years of working in the fitness industry, I'm transitioning into a career in the legal field. My interests include diversifying the legal field and increasing access to justice. I aim to use my legal, academic, and business experience for social change.

Irene Albesiano

Community Law Project - Secretary

Hello! I'm Irene and I am in my final year studying Economics and Politics at the University of Manchester. Currently, I am taking a Business Law unit and I love it! I have then decided to apply for the MA Law starting in September and pursue a career in the law sector. I am particularly interested in Employment Law, Immigration Law and Human Rights. However, I am a very curious person and I am keen to explore other areas of law before qualifying. 

Rhiannon Jade Brown

Community Law Project - Team Leader

Hi! I'm Rhiannon and I recently graduated from Northumbria University with my Masters in Law (including LPC). I currently work in-house as a legal assistant where I am required to work on a variety of matters relating to corporate and commercial law, litigation and IP. In my spare time, I enjoy focusing on human rights, particularly prisoner's rights and the abolishment of the death penalty. I chose to pursue a career in law simply because I want to help make positive changes in people's lives! My next goals involve securing a training contract at a commercial law firm and qualifying as a US attorney.

Aaron Hunter 

Community Law Project - Team Leader

Hi I'm Aaron I currently attend the open university and I am in my final year studying law. I chose to study law because I love helping people especially the vulnerable through the legal and justice system and because no two days are the same. The areas of law I am most passionate about are criminal and family law as these were the areas of law I was interested in before university and my interest in these areas have only grown whilst studying them. 

Kristina Gospodinova

Community Law Project - Paralegal

My name is Kristina and I am currently studying Law at Birkbeck, University of London. I believe that Law is a powerful tool, to which not everyone gets access. I decided to join the project as there are currently too many people that cannot afford the legal aid and advice they need in perusing justice. I think that this project is an amazing opportunity for us to help each other as a community and provide people of low income with the help and support that they need, while gaining a great experience as law students and graduates.

Maciej Scislowski

Community Law Project - Team Leader

I am an ambitious aspiring solicitor studying the LPC at University of Law in London. I possess a genuine interest and understanding of real estate law. I work extremely well in a team, as well as alone, I can confidently deal with problems and use my initiative to overcome challenging situations.

Amie Fleming

Community Law Project - Team Leader

Hi! I'm Amie Fleming and I am currently in my second year of a 2-year MLaw conversion course in Queen's University Belfast. My undergraduate degree was in modern languages, but I decided I wanted to pursue a career in law because of its fast-paced and ever-changing nature. I have always had an interest in media law, and would ultimately like to work as an in-house lawyer for a media company. However, I also enjoy legal translation, which is something I do in my free time, and working with Young Legal Aid Lawyers, as I am passionate about providing access to justice for the most vulnerable in society. 

Siddhi Khale

Community Law Project - Team Leader

I am Siddhi Khale, a third-year law student at Cardiff University. I am the President of Cardiff University Karate Club and have volunteered with various Students’ Union Services and was a member of the Students’ Senate. While I was in college, I realised that law affects every aspect of human life and that it was important to understand and interpret what it implicates, and I decided to pursue a degree in law. I am mainly interested in International law, employment law environmental law and sports law however, I am keen to explore various new sectors. As someone with a background in Sports, I am interested in specialising in Sports Law in the future. I am an enthusiastic, hardworking person who likes to take on challenges.

Joseph Lloyd-Perks

Community Law Project - Team Leader

My name is Joe Lloyd-Perks and I study law at Cardiff University. I am in my third year and currently partaking in a year of study abroad at the Faculty of Law at Charles University, Prague. I chose to study law due to its ever changing nature and broad scope of practice areas. I particularly enjoy attending networking events and speaking to individuals about their personal journeys into law. My goal is to secure a training contract at a commercial law firm.

Lexi Wilkinson

Community Law Project - Team Leader

My name is Lexi Wilkinson and I have just graduated from Cardiff University in law. I chose law because I regarded it as an extremely aspirational and professional career path that I could achieve in. Throughout my progress in law, it has become clear to me that due to its high professionality, people can become marginalised and alienated in the system. In this way, the legal system does not always do what it says on the tin; provide justice. In wherever my legal career takes me, I am passionate for making law accessible and not an unknown and unreachable ivory tower.​

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