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BE.Xcellence CIC

Donna Ali - CEO: BE.Xcellence CIC

Representation matters, these words inform and encompass what I would perceive as my life’s mission. After graduating in May 2020, I was excited to step into my purpose, helping to bring racial equality and justice into the lives of individuals from the Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities in South Wales. During my graduate studies, I learnt and reflected on what citizenship means and how Black, Asian and minority ethnic people function within a British constructed society. The pandemic exposed persistent racial inequality, discrimination, and injustice, thus bringing conversations to public consciousness. During the quietness of isolation, the noise of racial tension has grown louder, and in a time of unprecedented change, the time for Wales to work tenaciously towards the Welsh Government’s Future Generations Act, for a more equal Wales is NOW!

After an exciting 20 year career, running various businesses in Cardiff, I decided to embark on University with the hope of creating something to help contribute to a more inclusive and equal society and decided to start a Community Interest Company called, BE.Xcellence, which stands for Black and Ethnic Excellence. I have selected an advisory board that possess the expertise and experience to help fulfil our organisational vision and mission. 

BE.Xcellence aims is to contribute to raising the representation of Black, Asian and minority ethnic people in six positions of power, that have a detrimental effect on the social mobility of our target group. Law is one of those areas, as the disproportionate number of Black males in the criminal justice system is a major cause for concern. Education is another area of affirmative action, eliminating the school to prison pipeline is an intrinsic part of our objective to help increase social mobility.

Having recently been involved in the Black Lives Matter Movement, I felt that it was necessary to apply to become a member of the South Wales Police, Independent Advisory Group as I believe that hearing the experiences and views from multiple ethnic backgrounds is necessary to change the culture within the Police Service. I am happy to be a part of the IAG, and confident in raising difficult conversations, around race. I want to be a part of the Nation Community Law Project because I feel that both our aims are in alignment, to bring equality and justice to the lives of people who are affected by lack of access to resources and networks. I am a presenter on radio Cardiff and able to spread the word about the National Community Law Project to our 26,000 weekly listeners.

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