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The National Community Law Project CIC

Flex Legal

Flex Legal is the UK's fastest growing and leading flexible legal platform that connects on-demand paralegals and lawyers to the legal teams that need them. It is undeniably valuable to both prospective employers and employees. It is an excellent resource for young aspiring lawyers as they provide a seamless service of connecting you to flexible roles in the legal industry, allowing you to break into that very competitive sector. It is highly beneficial for employers as it allows them to easily draw upon a pool of vetted talent for placements for a period of time that is completely determined by your organisation's business needs.  This organisation is truly a champion for change that positively influences the legal industry for the better with all the endeavours they do to promote diversity as well as access into the profession, overcoming adversity.

They are the pioneers of flexible working in the legal space and are leading the charge towards the future as the poster organisation of the new SRA regime route to qualification, the Solicitor's Qualifying Exam (SQE).

“I loved being a lawyer and I love the legal industry. I want to see our industry become more inclusive and more agile so we can make smarter life/work choices ”

Mary, CEO and Co-Founder

“The future of legal work is flexible and human. The Flex Legal platform is designed to lead the profession into the next industrial revolution”

James, Co-founder and CTO

Flex Legal has fully embraced this new process for people to qualify as a solicitor and have for free provided a vast variety of resources to make your journey on this new route as seamless as possible.

Use the link below to record your QWE:

Read the blog below where I, Daniel Onafuwa, am featured on Flex Legal, speaking about the SQE and the new QWE journal

Flex Legal also provided an excellent session fully explaining the SQE, how to use their Flex Journal and how you can now qualify as a solicitor through Pro Bono or volunteering. You can find the session recording here:

This new route involves having to accumulate two years full time worth of qualified work experience. Under the old route, this specifically would have to be at a law firm through a training contract. However under this new route, it can be at any organisation that offers legal services and can be at up to 4 different organisations. This is the best time ever to join Flex Legal. It is an incredible opportunity for students and graduates regardless of their degree to apply to work through Flex Legal as they will provide you access to a significant selection of organisations that will offer you legal work experience to build up your QWE. They provide exceptional video, tips, highlights, podcasts, newsletters, materials and virtual events that all help you to not only break into but navigate through the legal industry.