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Our Team

Charlie Webb.jpg

Charlie Webb

Hybrid Team Leader – The National Community Law Project CIC

Hi, I’m Charlie, a second-year law student at Cardiff University and an aspiring criminal barrister. My role within the NCLP is a ‘hybrid team leader’, this means I liaise with clients at our drop-in sessions and feedback to the remote team to investigate further. With my specific career goal, The National Community Law Project allows me to build my client conferencing skills, improve on my legal research and grow my confidence. The ability to deal with real life cases exposes me to the true aspects of the law and will certainly benefit my future legal career. 

AndyNCLPpic (1).jpg

Andy Bate

Paralegal – The National Community Law Project CIC

Hi, I'm Andy Bate, and I graduated the Open University with a LLB in 2023 and I'm currently studying a Masters in Legal Practice with the College of Legal Practice. I have a background in law-adjacent areas of work and aspire to become a solicitor specialising in regulatory compliance. I volunteer with The National Community Law Project CIC to build experience by helping those who cannot afford legal services.

Shirley Chan.jpg

Shirley Chan

Paralegal – The National Community Law Project CIC

I am Shirley, a second-year law student at the University of Sheffield, passionate about supporting vulnerable individuals through pro bono work. My interests span across law, particularly in employment, immigration, and property. I am also interested in data analysis. I aim to use my legal knowledge and analytical skills to help clients navigate and overcome their challenges. 

Laura Gamble.jpeg

Laura Gamble

Paralegal - The National Community Law Project CIC

My name is Laura Gamble and I am currently a fourth-year law student at Northumbria University, Newcastle. I have two lovely dogs Olive and Bruce who adore a good walk on the beach! my ambition in law is to become a solicitor within a North East firm and help as many clients as I can. It is for that reason that I joined the National Community Law Project, where I have assisted in many cases alongside my part-time job as an activities assistant and my degree.


Mariam Abdulghani

Paralegal – The National Community Law Project CIC

I am Mariam Abdulghani, an LLB Law (Hons) graduate with Professional Practice on my journey towards becoming a solicitor, currently studying for the Solicitor Qualifying Exam. My passion extends beyond the classroom; I’m a private law tutor and involved in various roles, including sponsorship and partnerships associate, but my heart beats strongest for the mission of the National Community Law Project CIC.


From a young age, I've been driven by a desire to fight for justice and solve legal problems, aiming to bring peace to people's lives. While my ambition lies in commercial and corporate law, I thrive on the diverse challenges across the legal spectrum, especially those that allow me to serve those in need.


Joining the National Community Law Project CIC has been a pivotal moment for me, perfectly aligning with my belief in making legal support accessible to all, regardless of their financial situation. This project offers me the chance to be more than just a future solicitor; it allows me to be a part of a movement that empowers and brings about real change in the community.


I am here to leverage my skills and passion to make a meaningful difference, supporting the mission to ensure justice is a right, not a privilege. This is the path where my professional goals and personal values converge, and I couldn’t be more excited to contribute to this transformative journey. 

Joca Lo.jpg

Joca Lo

I am Joca Lo, I am a graduate of both a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts with a major in English with over ten years of experience as a paralegal in the Philippines. My experience as a volunteer paralegal in the National Community Law Project has taught me that no matter where you find yourself or whichever country becomes your home, there will always be individuals in need of free legal assistance


Marcus Azal.jpeg

Marcus Azal (MCILEX) LLM, LLB Hons

My name is Marcus and I'm an advanced paralegal member of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEX). It is my passion to help people with legal issues and assist them with justice. In addition, I am a quick learner, so working on the Project's legal cases gives me more experience and helps me advance my legal career.


Patrixia Paje.jpeg

Patrixia Paje

Hello! My name is Trixia. I'm a law graduate from London South Bank University and an aspiring solicitor. I am interested in law because it plays a huge part in our lives and society. I enjoy the challenging and fast - paced environment in the legal field which helps me develop personal and professional growth. I am passionate about delivering an outstanding service and providing access to justice for the most vulnerable in our society. Joining the project is a great opportunity for me to provide people of low income with legal support and advice that they need, while gaining various experience in different areas of law.

Benan Al-Ubeidi.jpeg

Benan Al-Ubeidi

Hi, my name is Benan Al-Ubeidi. I am a third year Law and Politics student at Cardiff University. I am hoping to complete my SQE and work in family law.  I have been a passionate pro bono volunteer for the Ukrainian Advice Scheme at Asylum Justice and the FLASH project, organising educational workshops for those navigating family courts without legal support. My passion for pro bono work has led me to the NCLP as I am a firm believer that justice is for everybody, and it is our duty as those in the legal sector to make sure that legal assistance is available to all.

Ali Nimran Sheikh_.jpg

Ali Nimran Sheikh

Hello, I'm Alinimran and I'm an SQE aspirant and practicing advocate at the Indian Judicial System. With a background in IT and an LL.M in Intellectual Property laws, I bring a unique blend of legal expertise and technical knowledge to the table. My passion is helping marginalized people seek justice without any delay by providing comprehensive and effective legal solutions. I'm proud to be a part of the NCLP project, a multifaceted endeavour that combines legal expertise, technology, and efficient processes to enhance access to legal services and promote fairness in the legal system. As a part of this dedicated teams that holds core values in high regard, I feel privileged to work alongside and contribute to this noble cause.

In court

Asawar Kadhem

My name is Asawar Kadhem, and I am a student at The University of Law. I am currently in my second year studying LPC & LLM. I chose to study law because I like helping people in need of legal advice to witness achievements and experiences once the client's legal problems are solved. Therefore, I chose the National Community Law Project CIC as it gives that opportunity to students like me who want to experience the law in practice and learn from it. I developed communication and problem-solving skills while pursuing my law degree but I am willing to learn more about law because I aspired to be a solicitor, and I am interested in Family, Immigration, Tort and Criminal Laws. In any case, I am open to covering any area of law because it is fascinating, and law affects our daily lives. I am aiming to secure a training contract while completing my LPC & LLM.”

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